My living room opens directly into a small wooded area. There is some kind of mystery and déjà vu sentiment from the days I still lived overseas. Weekly I'm spending several hours managing the ivy. I had the patio installed with gaps between stones to accommodate moss for a more organic feel.


kaye i. said...

Oooh, nice backyard. Just looking at those pictures makes me feel so relaxed... I bet its even way better in person :)

fashion westie said...

We had some MAAAAAD ivy growing all through the backyard of the house we lived in before coming to the Shore. Cutting it was just too much so we let it grow over EVERYTHING...was such a cool place, like a secret garden. Miss it heaps. Now I'm surrounded by industrials and concrete. I'm thinking a block garden on the deck with ivy let loose might be my solution....

A La Mode said...

This looks beautiful!

Lindsay @ A Walk in the Closet said...

I had to read the last sentence twice because it brought such a smile to my face. Perfect gardens are just too perfect sometimes, too constricted. I like what you've done....letting the moss poke through and breath rather than suppressing it. It seems so refreshing, so natural.

Anonymous said...

i agree,i like the fact that stones are not perfectly put: i live in the countryside and i think that nature does better than humans.. everything is always perfect when it's natural. it seems a silly sentence but often we forget this! it reminds me a quote from illusion,by richard bach:
"Look at the sky," he said, and it was such a quick subject-change that I looked at the sky. There was some broken cirrus, way up high, the first bit of moonlight silvering the edges.
"Pretty sky," I said.
"It is a perfect sky?"
"Well, it's always a perfect sky, Don."

Anonymous said...

I love how you took picture of your backyard. Personally, I take pictures of my surroundings whenever I'm out for a walk or just outside. I think the simplest things are the most beautiful things in the world.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely pics!