Richard Anuszkiewicz Rainbow Red to Blue 1987, Richard Anuszkiewicz Translumina 1992, Anuszkiewicz himself.

Studying the history of art for so many years, I never knew that one day I would have that opportunity to actually meet one of the subjects of my classes. It was maybe my 4th or 5th year at the university before I even knew I would be moving overseas for my MFA thesis. I was preparing for the finals from the modern art movements and I swear I remember details as if it were yesterday. A sunny day in my flat, somewhere nowhere in Europe. All those books and albums, and notes with highlighted names. Anuszkiewicz was listed as the painter and sculptor and the founder of American Op Art of the 60s. And now, years later in a different world and so different time, I had the chance to tell him this story.


Gaby - Hopeless Lingerie said...

This is so wonderful. What an incredible icon to meet.

I forget sometimes that this period of art wasn't actually that long ago

I just recently came across your blog - and am SO excited to find another architecture lover. Look forward to reading a lot more!

Odyssey Home said...

Serendipity. :)
I was also a student of Art History (along with Art Studio). As I read your post, I struggled to recall who Anuszkiewicz is. And then I remembered..
Brilliant artist. How fortunate to meet and speak with him!

Mat said...

that's really surreal, you never think you may meet these people. what a moment for you

t said...

wow, that sounds so amazing.