Rick Owens Lilies jacket and trousers, Rick Owens Anthem SS 2011 shoes.

One day of uncharacteristically good weather created the opportunity to wear something different than the usual rotation of winter coats. I can't wait for the spring because I'm getting tired of the cold and snow and the limitations that come with it. So now you can see me wearing a wool jacket with a satin lining and a padded tie.

There was also another exciting thing happening for my blog over the weekend; Bloglovin has listed it in the top 50 for Fashion "Up and Coming" in Denmark. I would like to give a special thank you to all of my visitors from this beautiful country.


ODYSSEY said...

I imagine that an extended winter would make for sartorial challenges. Where I currently live, it's in reverse. :\
Really beautiful imagery.

Andrea said...

the first picture is so beautiful!

judith said...

Muy bonita la chaqueta!!

Eva Costantini said...

The jacket is so cute!!! I am agree with you waiting for spring

Yu Ko said...

congratulations! and wow i love the boots.

Milex said...

usta ♥

GlassOrganelle said...

Lovely. It's always nice when the seasons change and people begin wearing different things. It's refreshing to be able to take those items out of your wardrobe that were once not weather appropriate.

Congratulations on being listed, more than well deserved.

Veshoevius said...

Everyone is hanging out for Spring! Always love your triptychs.

hiPop said...

Love to see both your wintery and summery combos, but can't wait for warmer days, too!

animalorchestra said...

Your almost-smile in the first picture is just so good.

Congratulations on the Bloglovin' list - well deserved.

Charlie said...

So beautiful! Always love your lipstick and outfit details.

Marcela Machado Vanègue said...

Well deserved! :D

The photographer is very talented too!

I am completely tired of the snow and winter. I just cannot see it in my front anymore, especially because I am from the tropics. The winter coats, I am yearning to put them under the bed and see them only next winter... So limiting to dress...

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful !

The Danish blogger Marie Jedig, made a post on facebook about her favorite blogs a while ago, which you were in.
You can find her blog on the URL: vildekaniner.dk
In case that you would like to a look on it.