Rick Owens Gleam AW 2010 playsuit and Anthem SS 2011 shoes, Damir Doma AW 2011 hair band, Maison Martin Margiela rings.

I'm wearing my beloved playsuit which I showed off already in 20120628, 20110823, and with the shoes in 20110707. The lipstick is bright coral red in Lady Danger by MAC. I don't think I ever gave an appropriate introduction to my Damir Doma cashmere headband, but now you can see it in its full glory. As far as playsuits, with this single piece the whole dressing process wraps in minutes. If I could find more well-designed onesies, made of different fabric and various lengths, I would just gather a bunch them to save on that never-ending fashion search.


Marcela Machado Vanègue said...

THAT's a very cool headband!

The Dutch Lady of Fashion said...

The sandals are gorgeous!!! and your face so perfect!

Mia said...

You have wonderful skin (and face).

Perfect combination of great pieces! I've been keeping my eye out for a Rick playsuit, but so far it hasn't come up in the right fabric/colour.

Milex said...

and red lips ♥

Stephanie said...

I've been wanting to get one of those playsuits in matte silk but keep missing out. I love the "no thinking" aspect to getting dressed.

Rachel said...

Love love love these shots. Light and effortless and fun. Same goes for the previous few posts. You have a great spirit that shines through - yes, it's about fashion but it's, of course, about much more than just the clothes. Thanks for the fabulous shots, as always.

Lucinda said...

Your beauty approach is enviable and seems in perfect harmony with your sartorial choices - deliberate, considered, just enough.

Stephanie A said...

love you pictures and the whole aesthetic of your blog! stumbled upon it today and i'm in love!!


Maggie Stevenson said...

Fabulous as usual. Your simply beautiful style speaks to me every time.

Brittanny said...

As usual, everything about your look is amazing.

Brittanny // http://brittannytaylor.com/blog

Matthew Pike said...

finished off brilliantly with the green background, very cool.

Angeles Almuna said...

The best of the best!!!!!

hiPop said...

Onesies are truly practical!

+love how those ties(bows) on the shoes add a dash of femininity to the look