Rick Owens Limo AW 2011 jacket, Gleam AW 2010 hat, Mountain AW 2012 bag and Anthem SS 2011 shoes, Rick Owens Lilies skirt.

And the unspeakable time of the year has arrived... But the Starks had it all figured out, the true winter is yet to come. If not this decade, during Cycle 25, then in the next millennium, when the warm interglacial will end, bringing a new ice age for the next hundred thousand years.

With this vision in mind, I may want to start saving up for a fabulous Hun coat if its price wasn't so out of my league. So for now, I keep wearing my Rick shearling, here with the same Lilies skirt as in my last few posts. The lipstick is orangey red in Dangerous by MAC.


Alicia Chon said...

Your pale skin is so beautiful. And I hope that one day I too can own such a beautiful closet of garments. Sending love from the East Coast.

cleartheway said...

Love the jacket.

Mawes said...

Totally agree with you on the Hun coat. I dream about the beaver fur collar one from time to time.

kim. said...

there's nothing I love more than an all black outfit and beacon-like lips.
p.s. those are perfect snow boots. i'm stuck wearing my mukluks constantly outdoors. i'm afraid to ruin all my other footwear.

Milex said...

you're good.

ODYSSEY said...

Your Rick shearling jacket is quite a nice alternative to a Hun coat - dreamy as they are but a bit out of reach in the short term.
Snow already! I could get into that…if it weren't for this crazy Texas weather (30C one day, 0 the next).

t said...

good idea.. i've got to wear my shearling in this cold